The Circumstance

by Samu-L

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"The Circumstance" is an audio narrative of the trials and tribulations faced as individuals strive for adulthood, while immersing it's listeners in a world seen entirely through sound. Experience the dynamic differences in the life of a kid just trying to make it when he reaches a cross roads and decides to either change his future, or stay the course.

As the kid's life unfolds, he is faced with circumstances and decisions, impacted by both positive and negative influences. "The Circumstance" is clearly defined as Samu-L gives listeners the opportunity to embrace him as protagonist, antagonist, or both. Ultimately, the album begs the question "...what would you do?"

The album is structured such that it can be listened to in full, and both stories are heard simultaneously. If listened to in full, a narrative track is followed by the good side's perception, followed by the bad side's perception (for example, their idea's of "Work" - Tracks 4 and 6). The stories reach a merge point from the pivotal "Cypher" (track 13) and on.

Track Breakdown:

Narrative Tracks - The Circumstance, City Lights, Below, When God Made You, The Lone Wolf, The Cypher, Didn't I, Days Of Our Lives

Good Side Tracks - Just Another Day, He Pray (And Pray), Give It All You Got, Moments In Time

Bad Side Tracks - Crime & Politics, A Hustler's Mind, Danger, Bomb Back

To hear good side only tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15

To hear bad side only tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15


released April 26, 2014

Written, Composed, Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by Samu-L

A very special thanks to those who helped make this possible:

Vocal Features: Che Adams of New Retro, The General Of New Retro, G-Two, Brain Rapp

Production: Danny Fal (Hustler's Mind)

Instrumentalists: El Bassface of New Retro, Evan "The Locksmith" Ignatz of New Retro, Carl Oswald

Voice Overs: Sameera, Shaina, Sabrina, Nikki Rae, Jordan, Dutch198x, Dexter, Marlon, Mik, Russ, El Bassface of New Retro, The General of New Retro



all rights reserved


Samu-L Maryland

Samu-L is a producer/emcee/musician from the metro DC area in Maryland, currently PG County.

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Track Name: The Circumstance
The Circumstance

Verse 1: (Childhood/Highschool)

This the story of a nigga trynna, focus, plan, was the oldest in his clan
Father left when younger, so momma raisin a man
Grindin hard, ain no sleep, so her children could eat
This nigga grew accustomed, to payless shoes on his feet
Still he meek, but aspire to be somethin unique
So his momma ain gon struggle, ensurin her ends meet
Plus he got two lil sisters, of whom he keep wallet pictures
Like cards of pocket scriptures, the mixture like an elixir
Fuel his drive, aggression, picked up early life teach u lessons
stress, work for progression, manifests, itself inception
Recollections affectin, his paradigms, his subjections
Truly an introspection, as he search for life direction
Contemplate the Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Mac 11
He grew up bein taught, live righteous, you'll go to heaven
Soon enough, he grow older, learn to bear it on his shoulders
Somethin heavy like boulders, life juss the game, he the controller
More over, he observe a, world thats gettin colder
while he up in high school, kickin it with his niggas and rollers
shorties, boppers, goers, but he keep grindin
like he makin morning cups of foldgers, it keep him goin like rovers
but he a soldier, face pressure, maintain composure
excessively never sober, cause stressin make him feel poorer
so the marijuana odor, strong with him like he yoda
but at times he still be spazzin, fizzin like shaken soda

Chorus x2:

This just the circumstance, Trynna make a come up
Hope the world give a glance, Even the slightest chance
Cause a nigga got dreams, Stressin out over dollars
Know he all about cream, (Get it) by any means

Verse 2: (College)

At last he graduated, fortunately college bound
Only one problem, he need loans to help him settle down
and by now, his fam is outta state, he on his own
adaptin to college life, lookin for girls to bone
but still his mental prone to zone and think of shit at home
which lead him back to thinkin, what happen if he start packin chrome?
try to stay focused, up on his education
but the fact that he half asian, attract, female caucasians
blazin, amazin, chronic and kush he slangin
(He) bangin, out papers for finals, trynna get As and
ways of criminal life done changed him, better or worse,
lookin in a rear view mirror, constantly feelin cursed
in too deep to reverse, without affectin his nerves
so he juss live a double life, (and) juggle that which come first
the thirst to fuckin succeed, cause he the last of his breed
and heed the need to feed his future, and provide for his seed
but he doin the best he can got like 8 or so connects, all with loud, out maryland
the cloud, terrapin, zooted up in his class
taking criminology, though technology was his craft
cause he doin the best he can got his fam he thinkin bout
when manuevers he make and plan, like shooters who scope they man,
fixated his sights locked gunnin for the top spot, occasionally gettin bop

Chorus x2:

This just the circumstance, Trynna make a come up
Hope the world give a glance, Even the slightest chance
Cause a nigga got dreams, Stressin out over dollars
Know he all about cream, (Get it) by any means

Verse 3: (Post-College)

His college years come to a close, he weigh the pros
knows, he subsequently made a come up, hope it shows
regardless, his momma glow, beam a smile ear to ear
lucked out, he got a job, up in that corporate life sphere
but he had to quit that hustlin life, now its slavin that nine to five
payin bills that arrive, tell me, can he survive?
(Off) 10% of his check? the rest is goin to sallie mae
them bitches got him in debt but what the fuck u expect
The system seemed opportunistic, it weed out the misfits
now he realize its really juss for those that have big chips
a quick fix, entail wig splits, crack sales, thru black males
pushin that product, on the block even past 12
residuals, he'd stack well, pack a hammer, hell
he'd blast, at mufuckas, shells, hollow tip, discreet
grippin his wesson, fire like a sargent type elite
who'd live and die by his heat
but then he think about his life,
what he worked, struggled, did, just to rise up, do it right
trynna make his momma proud, be the man his father wasnt
his character, his judgement, sole dependent upon the subject
he try to stay above it, doin the right thing
But consequences and circumstances push him to extremes
Certain he'll fulfill his dreams, juss a matter of time
This the audio chronicle of his journey thru my rhyme
Listen, u gonna find, decisions affect his path
he encounter situations, that similarly conrast
in this story of a nigga, whose future he trynna craft
there's an alter ego eager to get him there much more fast

The Circumstance

The Circumstance
Track Name: Just Another Day (ft. Che Adams)
Verse 1: Wake up, get ready

Another day, another dollar, opportunity great
and so the, saga begins journey thru a mindstate,
see, cause his defined trait , to date, make him equate
questions of which relate to pressures of meeting fate
with whether he could control, (and) craft a future that create
the type of life for his fam he always dreamed success (could) make
he get up out of bed, yawn, stretch, scratch his head
hit the ground for a couple sets of push ups, make his bed
hop up in the shower at the early 7th hr
freshen his bio matter listening to that morning chatter
he exit shortly after splash some water on his face
dress and depart to find some breakfast in his kitchen space
visions written in a place he find grace he sip his coffee paced
braced, to face the morning rush race by metro transit, haste
hurryin his steps, as he packin his bag
determination settin in, as he dip in a flash


...Its just another day...

...Its just another day...

Verse 2: Head to the metro station

Another day, another dollar, opportunity great
this nigga hop up in his whip, bout a quarter to 8
juss bout a second it take he press the clutch & hold the break
then he, shift into first and mash the gas before he late
feelin brash, the nigga skate, lookin down at his dash
pushin 65 in 50 as vehicles he flyin past
drivin fast, drop it into sixth playin some illmatic nas
he drift, but pause cause this stupid fuckin dodge
buck a u, then stop because, they ain wanna go right
(so) now they holdin traffic up, trynna go thru the light
musta been smokin the pipe the world is yours, got him hyped
so he manuver like masked shooters, in the heart of the night
insight, to what he feel, for real like cold steel
drill, kill, for a meal, as he peel off, and turn his wheel
chill, he gotta creep, comin up on franklin park
cause there them pg county feds out at morning, juss like its dark


...Its just another day...

...Its just another day...

Verse 3: Park at the station, and hop the train

Another day, another dollar, opportunity great
he finally see the metro lot drive himself through the gate
bout halfway full, almost late he finally spot a spot to take
shift his whip into reverse, reverse, and park then pull the brake, great
so now he walkin in the zone got his skull candy blastin from memory on his phone
(feel) like centuries, mental roams, unquestionable unknowns unshown,
but on his mind he find the time to think of home, grown
and makin his momma proud found a future to manuever without the ye or the loud
still his head in the clouds, he shoulder his burden, how?
determination and trial as the, track switch, bilal, now
he utter a cough, so he clear his chest
say wassup, to them newspaper niggas wearin them vests
finally enters station, swipes his smart trip informaton
up the platform he skatin opportunity is waitin
(..cause its...)

Bridge: Che Adams

Chorus (till end):

...Its just another day...

...Its just another day...
Track Name: Crime & Politics
Verse 1: Wake up, great ready

Another day, another dollar, opportunity great,
and so the, saga begins journey thru a mind state
see cause his defined trait, out weight, the greater good
and should, be understood, (cause) it could come across as hood
like an alternate dimension, an alternate persona
his future full of melancoly drama, word to momma
but he on another level, determination thrive
he quit his job the day before cause struggles reached a high
but he formulate a plan, (that) surely involve his mans
fallin back to hustlin grams, (and) product from distant lands
stackin grands from uncle sam, write(s) in fonts like serif sans
traces would never link the sources back towards his hands,
he get up outta bed, yawn, stretch, scratch his head,
(then) hop up in the shower, pop in some tower of power,
at the early seventh hour, the break of fuckin dawn
he tried to steer himself from down this path, because his moms
but his life had took a toll, with struggle a common foe
so troubles follow and go, though he humbled in his soul
his heart had turned to stone something like evil clones
troubled, down to the bone and got himself a lil chrome
he dial his man by phone to set it up, a couple zones
hold the shit down his own by any means, be how he known

[Phone convo w/ his mans]

[His mans]
Whats good nigga, got ur text that I read,
I put ur order in for loud and that brick like u said

Aye thats a bet, good lookin nigga. im bout to head up outside

[His Mans]
Hold that thought, aye matterfact, lemme hit u back in 5

Chorus x2:
See the crime and politics
Corruption crossin lines
sparkin hammers or a spliff
peep the cameras on ur six
niggas faded off the liq
but the strong survive
cause niggas crabs up in a barrell
trynna make it alive

Verse 2: Heads to metro station

Ready to dip, he pack his bag, then slip on his pearl foams
leave his home with intentions of coming back with his zones
course, his chrome, grabs his phone, then he head to the whip
his nigga hit him back, just as he buck a right and lit a spliff

[Convo with his man]

Its bout that time nigga, Im FINALLY back up in the game
That 9-5 shit was blowin me, (and) stressin my brain

[His Mans]
Well peep this pack u gon be lobbyin, str8 fresh off a plane
and course the loud str8 from cali, word to rome, its insane

Thats picture perfect, see this work gon be urgent
(cause) any fiend want rock, ill serve it
hammer strapped for the serpents, react with miltant purpose
vigilent villanous earnest, fulfillin civilian service
with erry purchase double up, and expand what we surface

[His Mans]
The game we'll murk its, juss a matter of focus
Covert in an emergence, territorial resurgence
str8 up buryin Insurgents, conquer then divide
call it the antidote, fiends cop the dope juss to survive

See my hopes is a high And struggles should pass me by
cause in my bubble the trouble Double pumpin coke on the sly

[His Mans]
Juss keep the hammer by ur side, peripheral eyes wide
No jive, better abide cause them streets breed homicide

Son u ain lie, cause life a bitch, And it dont matter how u dress her
I even grabbed a lighter and them papers off my dresser

[His Mans]
yessir, good measure for the pressure, (and) if not,
hard body em, like a wrestler for the scepter

Chorus x2:
See the crime and politics
Corruption crossin lines
sparkin hammers or a spliff
peep the cameras on ur six
niggas faded off the liq
but the strong survive
cause niggas crabs up in a barrell
trynna make it alive

Verse 3: Arrives at station, hops train

So as he drive, preoccupied talkin game up on his phone
he hang up, and then realize, he drove right past his fuckin turn
so, of course he buck a U, holdin traffic up, he knew
Horns blast, like right on queue, but he give fuck his vision skewed

(and) so as he drive thru franklin park, pg county feds and narcs
patrollin, scopin the blocks, for yungins pushin bud or rocks
that or routine traffic stops, drivin slow, he tuck his glock
eyes low, and bloodshot, up gainst the world like he pac
drives into the metro lot, stashes paper in his socks
parks and to the station, walks ready to thicken up his knots,
this how his saga begins, pennin writtens he could drop,
until he reach his destination via a metro stop

Chorus x2:
See the crime and politics
Corruption crossin lines
sparkin hammers or a spliff
peep the cameras on ur six
niggas faded off the liq
but the strong survive
cause niggas crabs up in a barrell
trynna make it alive
Track Name: City Lights, Below
The city's lights shining bright, but the reaper below
(he) keep a runnin toll, meticulously logged in a scroll
it put a hex on ur soul, my message stresses, hittin xs and os,
chose, methods that leave em froze, like heron up in ur nose
we relentless, yet composed automatic emphatic,
deliberative dynamics, rhyme subliminal mechanics
damage, literally balanced, criminal tactics manage
succession at any challenge, ain no part of it unbalanced
malice, fillin up the streets, stick up kids move discreet
others do what they gotta do to eat, emcees droppin heat
like a cycle, it all repeat, my cypher always unique
like a sniper, my rifle sleek, ill lyrikill u in my sleep

My city constantly in change, congas and bales
gain, percussive upper handed range
coupled with a native sound, particular to this town
gentrifacation push the niggas out to hoods around
so pg county, they bound, but still, within the tri state
the system make em irrate, the, criminal mind state
procedure feature high stakes, leakin thru pipe breaks
up in tenements, price weight, to push a slice,
and make some nice cake, be wise, jake, be watchin out
on the night scape alive, wait, eyes faked
like pupils dialate, and most, be higher than the crime rate
bustin nines annihalate, survivin fate
blaze a L and exhale, then contemplate what u inhaled like a
letter u send up in the mail requestin county for bail
the citys lights be sittin pretty, (but) really, juss go to show
When u see the city lights, beware of that which below
Track Name: He Pray [And Pray] (ft. Che Adams)
Verse 1: Introduction to his work life

Hops off the train, nothin but money on his brain,
It's sunny, funny, thinkin bout slummy parts, from which he came
(Them) bunnies rushin, bums, hunt and paroze, for loose change
his music loudly obscures, focus true on his aim
cause cash rule errything, from the block, to corporate schemes
the things he seen, bring the means, back to paper, (and) cream
(he) almost late it would seem, he show his badge,
pass security, (the) usual thing, greets the receptionist,
(and) course, she smile back with a beam He get to his desk,
peep his agenda text, free, except 11.15
required client meeting, He need approval for the loot proposed
to contract his stream, day in the life, consulting
working, grinds on his project day by day, Dynamically prove
he ain lethargic in any way no narcissistic array
or attitude swing sway He stay, impressin
Upper management to they dismay, he pray

Hook x2: and he pray,
and he pray

Verse 2: Continued progress at work. Continued struggles adapting

Never ever, is effort minimal, he pride himself on literal,
critical visuals, and do the work others belittle, (sup)s'pose
his message quintessential, like pencils tracin stencils
hence the razor sharp credentials, his mental picture
laced with zeros, (and) commas, dead presidents to represent he
realistically see his adversary barely key
out of the matrix, rips his fate up from the powers that be,
cause all he wanna do is live his life enjoying it free
But the illustrious, presumptious, circumstantial circumference
cyclicalistic visits, from businesses, clockin digits,
specifically downed by critic's, for hedonistical gimmicks,
masked by governmental limits, that cover corrupted interests
he a, slave to debt, Sallie Mae erry check
Thinkin he did him good, goin to school, while they like
"bet, another nigga in the system, compromising his living
doin what he been told would maximize what he'd be spending", he pray

Hook x2: and he pray,
and he pray

Verse 3: Realization, acceptance, grinding of his current circumstance

Clocking his time like a circuit, continuous grind perfect
distinctly don't mind working, if overtime pay certain
residual stacks, they lack, cause the trap,
student loans they ain all that,
they sellin dreams but soul catch,
he in a boat, that's cut throat,
it's something like u standin on ur feet
and the rug bolt no snug hope,
like all that stand between ur dreams is a plush moat
Hence why he analyze and decearn that he must toke
but on the real, he feel he got skills to be much dope
made rookie of the year, amongst his peers by some clutch votes
evoke a presence felt beyond his years, like a blunt coach,
who come stoked, and deliver game by the bunch loads
P.Carroll on the west cost, the way that he munch foes
Stay grindin while reminded of the times of his brunt lows
he findin him a way that pay to stay outta harms nose
juss trynna keep his faith, so he pray, cause the lord knows
Track Name: A Hustler's Mind (ft. The General)
[Hook x2]
All in a hustlin niggas mind
Trynna double up
focused solely on ur grind
Got that work, push for prime
Long the way scoop some dimes
Always watch your peripheral
For niggas crossin lines

Verse 1 - Arrival off the train meeting up with his folks

Hops off the train, in the rain, meets his mans at the spot
He pull his paper out his sock, unholster his glock
Then double count what he brought, twistin a double oowop
Bands up the gwap in a knot, ain no biggie, visions of pac
against the world he fought, journey, his train of thought
extra razor sharp major be the danger if anger should enter in his heart
juss know his mental dark quick heavy metal spark,
spawnish son of vader, a raider, spillin blood
like it's the, art of a shark, predatorily stark,
his mark, to embark and chart the territory parts,
A surveyor slayer's start pacin cause of the narcs
he park, and then enter the place he'd pay up with the gwap
He then depart, product copped slide back to the spot
manage to get back in without the sighting of a cop
busy trynnna cook this rock, viles of powder stocked,
bunches of loud abound, into them baggies, broken down, mounds

[Hook x2]
All in a hustlin niggas mind
Trynna double up
focused solely on ur grind
Got that work, push for prime
Long the way scoop some dimes
Always watch your peripheral
For niggas crossin lines

Verse 2 (The General) - The Area/Market

Verse 3 - The "Plan"

Its simple tho, nuthin they doin minimal,
he follow thru, recruitin a group embodyin sentinels
Stupid loot off medicinal, thievin so pockets plentiful
clock, weight, like his semi full, keen on mobbin, (it's) intregal,
the thrill of it, feel he invincible, both in mind and physical, built his vibe on principle
grindin like a participle, shine from pocket residuals, tuck nines for sparking imbeciles,
defining his market against his foes tho first he plot out and list the pros,
knows, his strategy pivitol on that no chillin, equivocal contact,
a sinister criminal, midst, his killas, who'd x, a nigga, no contract
Them niggas don't want that, with the strong clap, his hammer go blat blat,
becomin a night cap, with the strike back, his empire be like that
so say that they quite strapped, and they might crack
open heads, like a pipe, stat, so nevertheless, no stress
he blessed, and paid all of his loans, off a months best, his paper stacks
Nice fat, future bright, catch, them at stadium slight smacked
thick strippers with nice racks, One he'd pipe, fact
open legs with no price tacked

Time stay flyin, eyes focused on Zion
clocking hours late, motto get rich, or, die tryin
out the belly of the beast, cookin so fiends can feast
breakin bad in these streets, a prodigy, purist feats
anomaly surely eats, creepin with heat discreet
pushin watchin for sneaks, cause see at the night, tragedy wreak
savages prey on weak, as the strong survive
but see the smart, they make come up in stride
cause in his city, no hustlers mind is bonafide
from politicians to killas, who know they born to ride
trynna stack bills till they mills, before the other side,
because the reaper be comin soon as them corners thrive
protect ur neck or hide

[Hook x2]
All in a hustlin niggas mind
Trynna double up
focused solely on ur grind
Got that work, push for prime
Long the way scoop some dimes
Always watch your peripheral
For niggas crossin lines
Track Name: When God Made You (ft. Che Adams)
The Meet/Attraction:

Looks at his watch, its 10, he finished puttin all his overtime in,
(so) he pack up, walks out lenfant, past the inn, the plaza lobby,
(it's) dim, heads in the station, he use a fare machine (and)
sees a shorty in green, mean, like somethin outta dream
fuck the schemes, cuz goin smack, though he helped by the fact
(that) shorty strugglin for change, he cant help it, he rap
said, "how u doin, could I offer some help?"
she responded, sayin, "nah, (thanks), im good by myself"
he said "miss, I insist (trust,) my motives ain stealth"
[im ginuinely trynna get to know u truly], he felt
said, "ur beauty move me, felt it was my duty to help..
..seein a damnsel in distress, like u ain usually dealt... the cards I see in life," she abliged, (and) smiled twice
sparkles in her eyes bright as the stars up in the skies
they walk on by, gettin to know each other,
thru conversation, no stutter, he end up baggin some rubbers
nah, he dont love her, but a feeling there last
the morning after cast, (cause) he ain leave her in a flash
they smoked a blunt of some hash, well, she hit it twice,
and passed her impecable ass smashed, it hypnotized her fast
(And) so some weeks done passed, found she a freak with class,
but more importantly, she think and bout residual cash,
drama minimally lasts, (and) she uniquely surpass
vastly fathomed, (or) tangible women he'd seen in the past,
present, or future, (the) math (of) his equation she blasts/
was raised religious, so he know thru God, was fate
they'd crossed paths
...and tho its cliche, he sat her down one day juss to say....


He said "Aye girl look..."
"...Made a miracle when he..."
[Made You]

He said "Aye girl look..."
"...Made a miracle when he..."
[Made You]

He said "Aye girl look.."
"...Made a miracle when he..."
[Made You]

He said "Aye love look.."
"...I need that, I need that..."
[Made You]

The Bliss:

So as the minutes and weeks, turn to hrs and months
He growin fond of shorty, not juss cause the figure she flaunts
nor the scent that she wear, her beautiful, natural hair,
no need for make up, its rare, (indeed) the traits he want there
and the same, feelin she share, mrs. a vivrant thing
She make him wanna start a tribe, a ring, he analyzed
the scheme(s), a prize, he deem, a queen, fit to match a king
He be thinkin when strokin, pokin from the back, and she scream
this round the time he think he fallin in love
know its for suckas, but its tough cause shorty pure as a dove
fell out the heavens, above, trynna think of reasons
for easin out (be)fore he get snubbed, cause in his past learned enough
(its) like a riddle, he trynna figure the symbol(s), fiddles a little
hopin to reveal part of the middle, but his shorty doin
all of the right things, she, even inspire him to resume his writing,
a former mic fiend, had advanced focus,
harbored prototypical skills, (that) most who lack purchase
a barely scratched surface, he used to get nervous
thought it a disservice, till he showed her one his verses
seen the look in her eyes, she said, "dont call quits until u try
Cause live, I get the vibe U could be the illest, no jive.
and for real, all it take is heart" he followed that at open mic
spittin a verse, here how it start:

Live Show Verse:

Step to a beast,
u facin death or dishonor, I spit them rounds that pierce ur flesh,
take ur breath, split armor, on the real, no persona
Im somethin like a mad bomba with the fuckin pen,
Lyrically clap, like a tech nine, mac 10
evoke zen when I choke off the smoke toked
dope, erry line spoke, baggin my rhymes with coke,
I triple coat, what I wrote, trynna be the G.O.A.T
masked like a criminal loc, a hammer at ur throat
cause they cant see me, nope, Dmv, my dark city,
Spark like cigar phillys, far from a narc, in part
check the art, in a cypher, spittin darts
decipher this written fire, gettin higher peep the smarts
I kick that, (what), knowedge of self, determination,
chiefin on some kush and haze and sprinkled the hash we blazin
im the afro centric asian, half black, half indo-asian
rap subliminal persuasion, criminalistically amazin
chasin liq with blood of satan, On occasion, when I slay him
mayhem, when I be rockin the mic, I drop a nucleonic strike
fly like mike to new heights, 11s fresh as I write,
eclipse the game (from), out the middle of night
I make it fit, dont give a fuck juss how tight,
Long as my bars is cut right, injected to u thru ur audio pipe
thru which I push, and give it all of my might
hit out the park, fuck a strike, I hit my target on the mark
in dark if within my sight, cause my aim somethin slight
Best cock ur weaponry right, U heard the war report my nigga,
so u know we got stripes, A young nigga, with a veterans soul
Pennin venom, sent in the shells I unload, sent with a flow thats ice cold
This episode, it don't bode well for enemy sprites
Charicatures who mixin fantasy with that of real life
My shit cut you deep as a knife, That razor sharp that end strife
Death or dishonor, come upon ya, Like osama, good night
Track Name: Give It All You Got
Hook: x2
(Its like u)
Grind, full steam
Give it all u got
when in ur mind got dreams
of lavish life things
just know it dont matter
how the mufucka seem
cause one way or another
it ain always what it seem

Verse 1: Work continues, things changing for the better, promise of big things to come

Still workin hard, hes evolved, on the day to day
been movin up on the humble, he craftin him a way
he manage just ok, trynna up his stacks
hope his, manager ask, him to take up extra tasks
cause no, pressure, no diamonds, he efficient with his timing
better with a deadline, impress those who workin by him
Work-loads, he fryin,recognition, no denying
perserverance to zion be his mental state, no lyin
life now binded to the client, corporate strategy science
critical buisness emphasis, between those seen as nemisis
still his focus never shifts, travellin down a road
that he been told, he could mold as the chapter unfold
Kept on his toes, but it shows, as trials he overthrows
then come a promise, that he finally movin up like he sposed
feelin like damn, this a long time comin, then smack
an unforseen change slump him, push him back

Hook: x2
(Its like u)
Grind, full steam
Give it all u got
when in ur mind got dreams
of lavish life things
just know it dont matter
how the mufucka seem
cause one way or another
it ain always what it seem

Verse 2: Conditions change up, shakes future plans, causes concerns

Just when he thought he had made it, his problems solved
(he) thrown a curveball that hit him, (and) pin him back 'gainst the wall
he called, into a meeting unsuspecting late one evening
gradually leading to a bunch, of bull(shit), much deceiving,
but he find, they goin through an acquisition
and ain errybody part of the move, he juss listen
see, in the room, its quiet, he (could) still sense the friction
a bunch of technicians, future filled with doubt
he leave that room, thinkin bout,
potential droughts to his steady Cash flow, and (he) know,
That sallie mae wont give a fuck, thats how they roll
like for whom, the bell tolls, he juss trynna reach his glow,
his shine, but now this news, done put his progress on rewind
hope he fine, if not got thoughts, of going back to a life of crime
jackin, totin a 9, but in his mind, just hope he fine/
contemplates crossin that line, dreamin for some better days
(be)fore he grab a berretta for cheddar and start to spray

Hook: x2
(Its like u)
Grind, full steam
Give it all u got
when in ur mind got dreams
of lavish life things
just know it dont matter
how the mufucka seem
cause one way or another
it ain always what it seem

Verse 3: Change hits, have to start from bottom to prove worth, works hard day in and out, late nights, falls asleep one such evening

Fortunately this nigga aint without a job, cause ain errybody movin over,
hence, acquisitions hard, (and) the track he livin sub par,
but he shootin for the stars, with hopes, that at the very
least he find a way to mars and though he startin from the bottom
this opportunity, soon to be, usually ain no problem
he smart enough to solve them, hope he continue to blossom
though he up gainst greater odds, savors favor requests from neighbors
in the office just because, (he) trynna prove what does
separate him from the rest, overly dedicated, he elated
To impress, like an, S on his chest, when he puttin forth his best
Trynna handle the stress, so he puffin on the cess, that loud
a realist dreamer, so his head forever stuck in the clouds
hopin his luck dont go down, for now no need to grab a heater
like eagerly hound, He got his nose to the ground
chasin the scent of paper stacks, until he find him a mound,
either that or a crown, his mind encompass no bounds
until he reached the peak one night, before he lay his head down..
Track Name: Danger, Stormy Nights
Verse 1: Heads back to work, continues his grind, lives the life

He leave that bish at his spot, totin his 40 weight.
His killas still on the block, servin them dinner plates
Phatter than the average make, hoodfella magistrate
push at that magic rate, double his count, triple amounts
ain no featherweight, he brash and tell it str8
got them choppas if they hate, fuck the talkin demonstrate
What gorillas do gainst apes, a visionary in mind state
A mix of stringer bell, that nigga marlo, and Avon/
killin the shit like squatin droppin dueces of napalm/
until the great calm, paper stacked till its way long/
a str8 don, meyer lansky, lucky luchiano, (And) al capone,
puffin an owl of loud zones, kapow he now stoned,
the towel they now thrown, renowned, for, takin it back,
with a style, that rile bone, click clat, now they bile shown
this get back, is a milestone, ridiculous chemical properites, cloned
Synthetic genetical legends be grown, (thats) right, stay known,
in his chromosomes, livin his life in the grey with no tone
seekin to weaken, the grip on that thrown, a king in his city
he trynna be known, Zonin when takin em shots of patron
And chillin with freaks, who gone give him the dome
He beat it that once, and leave em alone
his city stay filled with bad bishes to bone, and he that,
prodigy,who embody his city properly, business turn to monopoly
probably least in honesty, he plottin these philosophies,
school of thought like he socrates, competion product resemble
nothing less than mockeries, (he,) pumps on the block with ease
invest it back in properties, launder what his profits be
Boss essential ecology, foster hood economy
(he) could have been an anomoly, now his faith in armories and
Soldier jaded marksman sprees

Hook: x2

D-Danger comin wholetime
Hear them heaters chime
See in his city, life time
Blind be leadin blind
All in attempt to redefine
When a leader shine
Least until they creep with nines

Verse 2: Starts getting a big head, too wreckless, territory infringement backfires

Good coke, Berettas, Plus rocks, so pockets get cheddar
essentially gets no better, like csf, (and) pro era,
elzhi, kendrick, etcetera, See why, fiends get quick pleasure,
meanwhile, he tokin stellar, elitist, louder endeavors,
(Got) heaters on block whenever for dreamers who(se) plot thought clever
Proceed, and street chalk them fellas, his fleet be mobbin on sellers,
See his confidence embellished, carelessness in the presence
of his foes who stiff and jealous, evidently they relish
At the thought, of takin lettuce, cabbage wetting, a fetish
Malice intentions hellish, to damage the niggas premise
Up the block see his apprentice, attitude str8 relentless
But they use a firearm place a period, end his man's sentence.


He got the call to his cell, they popped his lil son son
And 2 his boys by the shell, He breathe a second, exhale
he also told they took the product, count, and bailed
a message purely could tell, was a warning he could smell
Now his manuevers entail, headin over to northwest
Chiefin cess, whippin to scoop a vest
couple choppers and tecs, drivin thru the city vexed
hippin his soldiers on all his corners thru burner texts
Now the word out they gon need coroners in effect
till that crew that had creeped with the burners
acquaint with death a murderous merger next
(From) villianious inner depths, a platoon to the tune
of a million hammers of vets

Hook: x2

D-Danger comin wholetime
Hear them heaters chime
See in his city, life time
Blind be leadin blind
All in attempt to redefine
When a leader shine
Least until they creep with nines

Verse 3: Attempted retaliation goes bad, ends up getting locked up

Still whippin, now near vermont and P
He toss his rillo butt w/ chronic tree, he chronically,
try to be the anomoly, But subconsciously, his mannerisms, anatomically,
follow Gs, embodiment, when his heart had freezed
And that's the mark he seize, till his targets rest in peace
fuck the civil antic steeze, drop the bishes to they knees
Excution style, sheesh, Like some cartel beef
Demolish them niggas, when finished, pick pieces out his teeth
in him he feel no grief, retribution sweet as cheeks
like his bishes, when he creeps, now he crossin u street,
tropicalia, and 14th, caught in his visions of revenge
(But) them boys been tailing him since crossin M
Pulled over, smellin like skunk, from them loudish cali blends
Central booking it looking, from the way they call it in
finally get in the holding cell, shown love from all his kin
attitude of a killa when he walk them streets again

So tonight its sit tight, Wait his jewish lawyer friend
plot what happen when he get to be on them streets again

Tonight its sit tight, wait on his jewish lawyer friend
Plot what happen, when he get to be on the streets again

Attitude of a killa when he walk them streets again

Attitude of a killa when he walk them streets again
Track Name: The Lone Wolf
Scene 1: Dream begins, first scene is drawn

He finally asleep, visions capture these words
although he dreaming, the scene and meaning in fact converge
combined, these paths emerge, this figure in a room
he see its him all alone, a pen is all that loom
he sit up in a chair, scribbles out a figured square
shifts his image, due to glare, and split the view so six it share
(then) finish drawing a scene picture this, a city scape,
str8 outta a magazine

Scene 2: He see's himself start to draw the second scene, which comes to life

the next, aint so serene, he seen, some bammas creep low
masked, so aint no face show, cold-graced by great snow
choppers in they hand movin up in the city a type of
stick up committee fakin jaxx, they ain witty
but slow behind, is drawn a masked villian totin a gat
and a mac, 11 chillin, in the dead of night spillin blood
willin for the millions, cause, there ain no feelin
as real as him takin, killin, peelin caps, to him its thrillin

Scene 2 Analysis: As the second scene comes to a still, he tries to figure out wtf is going on

(then) he move to draw the next lookin on, he cant get past the fact that he perplexed,
for life awakened his sketch, he witnessed criminal means (and)
its central to the plot in the view of the grand scheme
where money makin, and cream, supreme, cause both regimes,
teams, dream of that cash paper but one be fakin,
the other bombin like al queda the latter's styles greater
plus he on the solo mission dolo since hova mentioned
them lines his lines about his nas intensions

Scene 3: The next scene happns, both squads are going for the same target

He continue drawin the next and see a lex
driver hexed already puffin on cigarettes
them fakin niggas got tecs, masks, creepin in the dark
little they know the villian nigga sneakin like a shark
to him the shit is art chess, stalkin his prey
he do it every single day end up blastin away
with his chopper, that ak an acg scope
soon as a shot pop off the first fakin nigga get smoked

Scene 3 Analysis: As the 3rd scene comes to a still, he tries to figure out what is going on still

as we pause, he analyze still in awe, the situation right before his eyes
how is his pen comprised, charcters come to life puttin ink to his pad
makes him eager, this procedure of leisure, whose tone bad
but really he zone past examines these roamed paths
and breaks it down cause when u factor it all it becomes math
he started drawin out six, and finally down three,
his cycle and time key in this progressive rhyme spree

Scene 4: The next scene happens, one of the squad members falls, the others see they are being followed.

he, continues drawing the fourth frame the lex with that hex,
driver sittin with no brains, a fakin nigga short,
in the ground over dope change, his mans sheddin tears
in the rain cause they man slain, this villian nigga,
lest we forget, still lookin on, (as) them fakin niggas start to realize,
something went wrong, they spot the villians figure 40-so yds away,
his mask, skull and dreads, like the town, clear as day
So they spray, with they tec nines intent to wet spines vexed,
but they set prime to fall, at night time blind to the fact
they aint on the attack the villian nigga fire once, lay one flat on they back

Scene 4 Analysis: As the 4th scene comes to a close, he starts noticing things about the character's qualities

he try to react, attempts to spark up a jack, but he reach up in his pocket
see he got him a sack twist and blows it all back
calms his nerves, so he smacked cause its obsurd,
no uttered words disturb him drawing the act
and all around him is black except the middle of the room
watchin his figure loom drawin fakin niggas dooms
whom greed and envy consume like philosophies of Hume,
empirically, these goons qualitatively groomed

Scene 5:

now as he move to draw the fifth sees the last of them fake niggas, toolie at his hip
the loot up in his bag took it outta that lex, remember back a couple scenes,
nigga in it was exed now he runnin paranoid adrenaline's like his roid,
but this villian is on him like gps from off a droid
though he gettin annoyed, and feelin toyed from the chase
slippin, the fakin nigga blow a car in front of his face

Scene 5 Analysis: He tries to make sense of why he's the lone character that's been stalking the squad

This an intresting turn this villian figure now we learn suffered a minor burn
to his mask which he had worn, torn, parts of it displaced watchin, lookin on,
he finally see the villians face, and brace, for he the ace
with widened eyes, surprised by the size of this disguise
what it all symbolize he begins to theorize or rather,
at least he tries trynna fathom the grand scheme
or what it can mean in the span of this mans dream

Scene 5 Continued: As the 5th scene continues, the loner takes out the last squad member, grabs the loot, and walks off

still we in the fifth frame the scene before was retained
the villian figure still the same, grimacing from the pain
the fakin nigga take advantage and aim from the damage,
he feel disdain for this savage remain, he sees him as a ball and chain,
until one of them fall, his train of thought, let him believe he got him against a wall
but see its simple, yet subtle this fakin nigga in for trouble the villian
ain new to struggle (and) his slip up made him humble
he takes a second, mumbles, something under his breath
the fakin nigga unaware he about to meet death
the villian quick, and in the blink of an eye
he pull a gat from out his sleeve and let his hollow tips fly
(grabbin the loot as he die)

Scene 6: He tries to make an understanding of it all, and as this happens, he see's himself finish drawing the final scene, a lone wolf

He wonders why The figure uttered no cry But tries,
to pass it by as if he living a lie
still he unsure what it mean, The two regimes in the scenes
who schemed for paper and cream, Seem to relate in this dream
But then he think a lil harder, Figure(s) what its about,
The loner villian nigga, Handle his alone without doubt
Which meant he built to handle pressure No heat he feelin from stressors
While them fakin niggas lesser He picked em part like he lector
A cannibal in this sector Traits, of a preditor
This metaphor was tempered for
He watch his figure more Drawing the last frame
At last came the brash aim Like the end of a book,
he look And see the silouette of a lone wolf
Track Name: Moments In Time
Verse 1: Startled awake by his dream, tries to recall what he saw from "The Lone Wolf"

This kid awake from his dreams,
6 in the morning,
weather storming,
pouring streams
he forming a way of shoring
the allure of foriegn things
(and) life he feelin grew boring,
due to trife he'd been ignoring
oftens felt like he snoring
Though erryday end in scoring
and that cycle, kept it going
like, seasons and time,
ducked in a ride, pedal flooring,
but, his murderous dream,
ain simple as it seem,
he, emphasize keen,
on the charismatic schemes,
madness inscribed in being,
focused on what u mean,
hopelessness wasnt seen,
although, was dope that cuz had leaned,
over them suckas team,
wrath and vengence for green,
but, he ain so simple minded,
times get tough,
and erry nigga different,
when he find it rough,
so his sign, get bucks,
redefine a paradigm,
and shine like puff,
minus the biggie bluff,
greed, envy, (and) lust,
something he'd take away,
when on the cusp, never trust

For erry moment in time,
Theres moments when blind,
Moments u strategize,
makin sure that u fine,
moments that chill,
moments that thrill,
Moments u think about,
(how u reaching that mill)

Verse 2: Starts thinkin about his current situation, starts to see how The Lone Wolf characteristic could apply..get yours

Felt he was losin his soul
Semi depressed,
from all the student loans he owe
the price his major bestowed
could he circumvent it, no
unless his family could grow
money trees out in the cold
and only way he suppose
was hustlin movin snow
Dysfunctional yeah I know
Cause substance still what he chose
see his momma grinnin
happy her boy had made it, it shows
for her he did it in hopes
that better days were close
like a seed planted under
the concrete sprout a rose
cause lord knows, he slavin,
trynna manifest his goals
Trynna lessen the stress
He do his best to think of pros
Before his world implode
goin no where till he old
Moral of the story
Is erry man must have a code
like the, Lone Wolf
done shown proof
(This) Nigga zones, truth
his tone mute
alone suits
unbeknownst brutes
Who sewn loot
facing strong groups
With inclination that he'd be racin
So he first, shoots

For erry moment in time,
Theres moments when blind,
Moments u strategize,
makin sure that u fine,
moments that chill,
moments that thrill,
Moments u think about,
(how u reaching that mill)

Verse 3: Further realizes how he has to approach things going forward, having that "Lone Wolf" mentality

Through all the trials and bullshit,
By any means, survive,
he also learned,
best, watch those who u trust,
and, have a drive,
thrive, cause life a stingy bish,
Who only give one ride,
so u gotta be conscious,
of peripheral collide,
Thats why this nigga said, fuck it,
turned the music up, and vibe(d),
fore he kicked out that bish,
and give a fuck, what she replied,
Its simple, stay on the rise,
Spread ur eagle wings and fly,
Levitate (a)bove the paranoia,
evil, and dispise,
Disguise, new retronomics sonets
chronically, like (his) vise, no lies,
in his, reprise, trynna soar into the skies,
(Its) more than what meet the eyes,
(Like) roors and tree got him high,
(and) visions of u-n-i,-versal orbit,
pass him by, (it) circumstantially guide,
His focus to what he strive,
(He) representin them kind,
Who only know how to grind,
So to this message, he bind,
tho, them stressors been defined,
No rudimentary signs,
A harnessed potential primed,
from third eye vision devine

For erry moment in time,
Theres moments when blind,
Moments u strategize,
makin sure that u fine,
moments that chill,
moments that thrill,
Moments u think about,
(how u reaching that mill)
Track Name: Bomb Back (ft. Che Adams)
Verse 1: Awakes in his jail cell, thinkin wtf just happened

Now, he awake wit a, slight shock
his eyes hawk, feel as though his night's mark
a lone wolf, with no fear, peered at his plight, fought
Seein the hooded heist plot, of that villian
produce him visions of figure types, chalked
Triggered when them nines spark, and he a product
of his criminal mind thought, trynna triple his digits
fuck them frivolous kind, taught that chivalrous times, dwarf
iniquitous positions, he find dark, He listen with precision
that his mission to grind brought
fuck witnesses his synthesis, relentless behind stalks
hence why tote an extra 22, by his right sock
On night watch, with them automatics, and prime rock
refine his rate of business, principles of incline sought
his emphasis, relentlessness, see, nemesis
been there from the genesis, no territory semblance
accustomed to his elements, while out for dead presidents
see, its fairly evident, the type this nigga represent

But he don't fret
Nigga, he'll bombback

U got them,
bills to pay,
packs to move,
nigga, bombback

Its just, a thing of the mind
A state u gotta find, bomb back

And if they, fuck with urs or touch one, well nigga touch back,
..just bomb back

Verse 2: (16): Gets out shortly after, continues to think about everything that's happened in the past 24 hrs. forms a plan

Less than a day in a cell,
thanks to his jewish lawyer, walks out to the station foyer
Thinkin bout how life is always plagued by paranoia
Hard times, out his control, a, circumstance few get ahold of
the foolish, try to be soldiers
waitin for chance, while lightin the dozier
Like, them fakin niggas was posers
he more like that villian who murders
for, residual stacks with burners
max definitive blasts at servers
crafts revenge for killin his workers
a blend of the villian observed
and loss of his niggas, had left him disturbed
but tactical visions, envisioned, (are) surperb
He'd strike like the gremlins vicious emerge
malicious, at simplest, bond is his word
(Its) time for some action, no matter the verb
He look to the heavens, and pray that he heard
His circumstance bleed into every word
He never facetious, or feel he unnerved
His criminal mind ahead of the curve
like graphs with x (time) and y (on the verge)
A mathemeticians, eye had emerged
applied like a science, maniacally burned
enshrined in his mind, like a child who learns
except, his defiance, unbiased, and stern
provoke(s) an alliance to silence the worms
until he reach zion, bring eye of great storms
bomb back like a silo, of missile swarms
until they feel fully the wrath of cuz scorn

But he don't fret
Nigga, he'll bombback

U got them,
bills to pay,
packs to move,
nigga, bombback

Its just, a thing of the mind
A state u gotta find, bomb back

And if they, fuck with urs or touch one, well nigga touch back,
..just bomb back

Verse 3: Thinks more. Solidifies his plan, puts it into action...just like The Lone Wolf

So he like fuck all them niggas who trynna do him in,
rob his stash and blast his kin, trynna jux his life tween the trife
they'll feel the wrath of ten speciman condensed in him
the pestilence it reflects, depends
on ur knowledge possessed of them mexicans
hard bodyin niggas who mess with them
Like gangs and cartels when they vexed, my friend
feel like he back on them streets, fresh, again
He blessed, but, man its a testament
of his seemingly many transgressions
(and) since his life took a turn
momma be stressin, but it keep turnin
and, teachin him lessons
(Just) like the villian, his mind had ingested
holdin his own, totin his smith and wesson
A-K-4-7, strapped for protection
drastically, sinister mask with two techs, and
those juss his weapons, slayin all predators,
never exceptions, familiar tensions different perception
with the respect, required invested,
niggas gon(na) know he should never be tested
acin competition, with a style described (as) majestic
subjected, due to circumstances he, introspected
Dissected, though, he realize this is life what he elected
He know what come next, strike with intellect
prey on em niggas like a lone wolf shown disrespect
this nigga vexed

But he don't fret
Nigga, he'll bombback

U got them,
bills to pay,
packs to move,
nigga, bombback

Its just, a thing of the mind
A state u gotta find, bomb back

And if they, fuck with urs or touch one, well nigga touch back,
..just bomb back

Verse 4: [Che Adams]

But he don't fret
Nigga, he'll bombback

U got them,
bills to pay,
packs to move,
nigga, bombback

Its just, a thing of the mind
A state u gotta find, bomb back

And if they, fuck with urs or touch one, well nigga touch back,
..just bomb back
Track Name: The Cypher (ft. G-Two & Brain Rapp)
Verse 1: Thinking about the circumstances he's up against

He harbored visions and plans,
in an immaculate procedural scheme
elaboration, manifests in his dreams
cause in his flesh the stress be burning
what be left, of his being
but otherwise, the odds he circumvent his trials
it seems, ain nuthin more than copacetic
he like, "but, what that mean?"
cause his maneuvers, He was sure
would bring him paper and cream
but see the cost, did the end
really justify all the means
or was he victim to his circumstances
he and his team, he contemplate his fate
and the mistakes he'd made long the way
think bout his fam and how he wanted
to juss see better days, looked up to Pac
The realest nigga he could (re)member, by far
Taught him aim high, cause u fall short
u still gone land on a star
but erry shot still leave a scar
(His) life when strum w/ guitar
decisively his repertoire, When he penning a bar
writtens spun char, when he spit vividly
put flame to cigar, an instrumental
Unequivocally beaten and marred
(Sits back, he vibe in the car)

Hook: x2
....While Riding By....

He Ponder his thoughts
....While Riding By....

He Ponder his thoughts
....While Riding By....

He Ponder his thoughts
....While Riding By....

He Ponder his thoughts
....While Riding By....

Verse 2: G2

Verse 3:

Pac said pussy and paper is poetry, power, and pistols,
plottin on murderin mufuckas jottin missles,
hip hop my credentials, been formed by Tracing with a stencil,
by pencil, and now I draw, body an instrumental
(cause) Pac said polish the pistols prepare for battle, pass the pump
my lyrics is murder, and scatter fire thru u cunts,
insidiary, my pen'll bury, an adversary, when its necessary,
so with the stress I carry, my methods formed is legendary
You might juss hari kari, rightfully so, I'm visionary,
Written with precision, scary, how the magnitide is varied
Not feelin myself, well barely, nigga too sick,
with that dysentary, spittin like clips,
You equip, with a click, and they rip,
thru ur clique, leave em cemeteried,
lyrical homicides, when I hypothesize,
my chakra ties the dots when connected
bad for the opposite side, Its plot and survive,
hammer cocked in the ride, lyrically fittest
pennin like a scribe, (with) flow like tsunami tides
Track Name: Didn't I (ft. The General)
Verse 1: Narrate - Describing what happens as soon as the shots are fired..

The crowd scatters, some fall, loud in air factors small,
juss envision the place, where marshall mathers earled that stall,
str8 out a movie, recall? (ex)cept for now niggas
flee for life, when them heaters they draw,
See good and bad thru this all, them pussy niggas, they saw
rush out the back thru the hall, so they follow em in pursuit
Like a, brute for the loot, Who tend, to steady shoot,
then send, hollow point proof, Condensed burst fire groups,
Fatigue attire boots, searchin for halfway crooks,
(they) scared to death, they scared to look
they shook, fuckin pawns, gainst some rooks,
sargents of arms, bout to cook
with expertise, could fill a book
stashin bodies in nooks, juxin out life by the hoofs
So he disperse with his crooks, while the good side
try to stay out the hood ties, the bad lies in a place
tried being a good guy, like (didnt, didnt i?)

Verse 2: [Good Side] Perception of what is going on

Now let's perceive from perspective of good,
seen in the presence of folks misunderstood,
Niggas started shootin, cause problems w/ distribution,
fuckin up personal livelihoods, trynna feed a pack of wolves,
packin heaters primed to full, blinded minds defined by jewels,
luxury cars, eloped the game, when life had menopause
bandaged in gauze, now known the factors leading to the cause
simple and plain, eye for an eye, assimilation of a sovereign nation,
Out for the bacon, he juss trynna get his cut
with-a-side of eggs, and, niggas stay slightly hatin,
bumpin shoulders, with the shooter, thought he the target, of satan,
but, the grace of God, had saved him, thankfully death ain't waitin,
but, them niggas who the targets, best pray the shooters aint Haitian
crips or bloods, even jamaican, shottas, be no fakin
when they stretch em niggas out, plankin, they final destination,
this occasion, bring the pain, and retribution, guns blazin
Something like diallo when he was tragically shot by jakes,
(...though he tried...RIP)

Verse 3: [Bad Side] Hear the perspective of the bad side's man as he pursues one of the targets

you know i'ma hold it down,
as soon as you point him out
i got you, he got 2?
we even the scorin now
we beef and they low in ground,
got a rep to protect
bout to put a fire
to the cypher wit weapons we sketch
them abstract masterpieces,
inspirations revenge playin to win,
gotta man up for takin our men
aye where he at young?
turn my other cheek to check my back
cause you can't get caught sleepin,
the number one lesson, strapped
exhaled the jack as i felt a tap,
vibes changed, niggas like,
there he go, in my hand the 9 stays
you thinkin i need a belt,
nah, a nigga tryna spray
bust then boys get made up stories in 5 days
crime pays when revenge is the wage
you think our bloods glazed, till your men get hit with them strays
ended up catchin his bitch in the face,
the man in his back friends in the legs,
the damage is stamped, half of em flat
...we got 1, now see how they react...

Verse 4: [Bad Side] Hear the perspective of the kid on the bad path, as he pursues the other two targets (in a different place than his man)

In the distance, heard his mans 9 spray while trynna slay, With his ruger
hollow a mind, lay defined pay-back, w/ precision, lay him side ways
his crime wave, strike, the oppositionIn blind rage, no kind phase
make it certain that his SR9 blaze thru sight rays
infrared beamin crimson lines haze a bright gaze
up in the night's craze heart, (as) cold as a knife
(He) eagerly put on ice, with premeditated procedures
to bleed em till ain no life, that trife, he cornered two
deep in a alley, one tried to pull out
but caught two in his chest cavity, badly
so now its (juss) one, (and) he sadly
frontin, like none of em gladly
put his lil mans, (and) two his soldiers
below? (...cause) exactly, word is they motives
was dastardly, (so) he haphazardly, blasts his knee
with im-peccable accuracy, now he screamin in agony
yellin "Shut up!", he further spill anatomy Said "D-didn't I"
pulled the trigger once, another murder, happened, tragically

(..He tried..)
Track Name: Days Of Our Lives (ft. Che Adams)
Hook: x2

These the days of our lives
Bout errybody go thru struggles,
find a way to survive.
For u and urs, provide,
For better days, we strive
(Days of our lives) x3

Verse 1: Overview of the kid, his life, and what led him to the circumstance

These the days of our lives, bout errybody go thru struggles,
and, we seen the same, for this nigga trynna be humble,
(see) his life predicated, fully related, to the stumbles,
It breeded the circumstances, advancin him to tumble,
presented w/ good or bad, a past mixed w/ the hood, no dad,
Limited interest in nothin more, than makin sure the fam,
eatin, (and) livin the way they should, he understood, a man,
relinquish any, and errything, to make it sure they can,
Two lil sisters, his momma leadin, trynna hold they hands,
Timid, but vividly, havin dreams, of bringin home the grands,
thought the position of a technician, eclipsed, the systems conditions,
but visions he found of interest, realistically made no difference
though he, feelin relentless, in his pursuit of riches
them trenches and snakes be vicious but he amongst those ambitious
Stay sane by blowin hibiscus, (but) cross him, he'll get malicious
hungry for the paper digits, cause money the motive interest

Hook: x2

These the days of our lives
Bout errybody go thru struggles,
find a way to survive.
For u and urs, provide,
For better days, we strive
(Days of our lives) x3

Verse 2: Recap of the bad side path

Now see the days of his life, if roads he travelled, were bad,
Fully dependent on his inner loop community tag,
them hood manuevers need badge, rank, (and) credentials,
since graduation, been simple, civilian, all but his mental,
procedural incidentals, (would) seemingly, type resemble,
the characteristic symbols, and business related principles,
(ex)cept, his fundamentals, of hustlin thru college windows,
obstructed his structured intro, like sex, first time, w/ a nympho,
His paradigm be his temple, so when he hustle its church
Although he always taught it ain money that prove ur worth
redefined, he'd get that money, or otherside get it first,
flex muscle, spill blood in tussles, cursin enemies, endin scuffles
grab the loot from out them duffles, smuggle libations, (&) contraband
rise in rank, become the man, in his city, formed a clan,
lost some soldiers, from the fam, Stingy means,
& revenge schemes, (the/a) life outta movie scenes,
cause in this world, it more or less, bout paper and c.r.e.a.m
(the dream)

Hook: x2

These the days of our lives
Bout errybody go thru struggles,
find a way to survive.
For u and urs, provide,
For better days, we strive
(Days of our lives) x3

Verse 3: Recap of the good side path

Now what'd be the case, if he stayed following good
be workin 9-5 w/ overtime as much he could
need extra dollars for food
(still) strugglin, payin his loans that college trap,
bleedin his bones, and progressions unknown,
be still he find him that zone, the end, ain nowhere in sight
least his momma can sleep at night, know her son is aiight
but see his mission in life, distinguish them from the fight
look up to God and pray he might, keep the blessings in sight
but somethings, wrong doin right, he find a calm blazin nights
upon the dawn he chasin light, out this tunnel, his plight
Juss wan be free as a kite, ensure his fam somethin slight
cause check to check, more-livin-like somethin,
like bein-a, slave to the pipe, juss paradigms of the trife
but his demeanor enlight the courage that he got to strike,
Seize opportunity, too beautifully, as soon as it's (hut) hike,
cause his manuevers be, quite, usually, truly, too right,
if it were u, what would u do, if these the days of ur life?

Hook: x2

These the days of our lives
Bout errybody go thru struggles,
find a way to survive.
For u and urs, provide,
For better days, we strive
(Days of our lives) x3
Track Name: Fate [Bonus] (ft. Che Adams)
Verse 1:

Some call it blind, others call it a dream
My heart be binded, by the rhymes and the schemes
So in time, ill be defined as a king
(Who) blew thru lines like a fiend
slayin regimes, spittin ill poetic,
(a) type of medic, keep ur soul copecetic
competition get deaded, So thru the present,
in my physical form, I examine dynamic,
stratosphere norms, pen my wrath, quiet storms
prolific swarms, every morn, (like) on my breakfast plate
digest my craft on the path, (and) the line the metro take
Trynna reach heavens gate, facin the odds
But doin the best with was dealt in my cards
leavin the rest up to God, hopeful for nods,
as I travel thru life, feelin shadows in the shallows of night
them d.e.m.o.n.s el(zhi) had penned strike
searchin for light, as im livin in hell
twist it away, and then proceed to inhale
release my stress and exhale
chemical trails, dreamin big as a whale
so my dividends entail max residual swell
cause well...

Hook: x2

its all about fate,
its all about fate,
its all about fate
Niggas try but there ain no escape
(so ain no time to wait)

Verse 2:

My motivation is cream/but not because, I want material things
really because I want my fam to live clean/
comfortable, and supreme, achieve they dreams
with no worries of means, so my hurry so early seems
like a flurry scenes through all of the work with my team
thorough like burrough Inner circles in queens
my aurora purple, gettin erkle, puffin swirls of green
of which I pearl so mean ways of the world, im keen
but there be days that I sit back, watch the sky and beams
passing me by, cause writin rhymes,
is something like a super natural high
I spread my wings and then fly knowledge of I
bring awareness of self thru which in turn
consciousness Can then produce u some wealth,
its stealth, like criminalogy, done properly
embody A prophecy, my hypothesis, Like socrates,
droppin philosophy, pretty possibly, cant box with me
its bad for ur health so take them weak and simple rhymes
put em back on the shelf...

Hook: x2

its all about fate,
its all about fate,
its all about fate
Niggas try but there ain no escape
(so ain no time to wait)